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Cancer Support Gift Baskets, Gifts For Cancer Patients

Gift Basket Ideas for Breast Cancer Patients. Do you have a friend or loved one battling breast cancer? Show your support and love with a thoughtful breast cancer gift basket filled with inspiration and encouragement. Our breast cancer gift baskets are lovingly designed to bring a little sweetness and joy into her life. Send someone you care about a breast cancer gift basket today!

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  • 79.95
  • 89.95
    Breast Cancer Support Gift Basket For Her
    Brave & Strong, Breast Cancer Recovery Gift Basket For Her$89.95
    A breast cancer gift basket full of encouragement and support will be a joy to receive for anyone going through treatment, recovery or remission. She will appreciate the comfort in a basket that you took the time to find and send.
  • 79.95
    Healing Spa Gift Basket For Her
    Healing Spa Pampering Bath and Body Comforting Gift Basket for Her$79.95
    A gorgeous woven basket filled with everything she needs to feel rested and rejuvenated. A thoughtful get well, birthday or thank-you gift for women.
  • 68.00
    Sugar Free Diabetic Gift Basket, Delicious, Healthy Alternative$68.00
    Sugarfree basket filled with sugarfree treats, low carb goodies.
  • 74.00
    Get Well Comfort Gift For Her
    Get Well Comfort Gift For Her$74.00
    A wonderful gift to comfort her while she is recovering designed exclusively for women. Lovely gifts to pamper her back to good health.
  • 105.00
    Relaxing Recovery Basket for Her
    Relaxing Recovery Basket for Her$105.00
    An over-sized get well gift basket filled with pampering spa gifts, aromatherapy gifts, sweet goodies offers a peaceful solution to recovery.
  • 185.00 onSALE
    Live, Love, Believe, Breast Cancer Support Gift Basket$200.00Sale $185.00
    Breast cancer gift baskets show support for a friend or family member who is fighting against the disease. This basket for cancer patients and survivors is loaded with the comforts they need to comfort them through the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.
  • 68.00
    Bed Rest Gift Basket, Get Well Gift For Someone Under The Weather
    Bed Rest Gift Basket, Get Well Gift For Someone Under The Weather
    Average rating:
    Brighten their day with this comforting gift basket. They'll enjoy chicken and rice soup, tea, chocolate, and sweets while a Dominoes set, Find a Word and Sudoku puzzle books help them pass the time as they enjoy sampling this thoughtful collection. Gift Size: 12" x 7" x 13"
  • 215.00 New Item
    Rest and Recovery Deluxe Get Well Basket For Her$215.00
    Deluxe Get Well gift basket for women to help her through the rest and recovery process after an injury, surgery or illness.
  • 69.95
    Breast Cancer Gift Basket, Support For Those Battling Breast Cancer.$69.95
    Express your support and encouragement to someone who is fighting breast cancer. This is the time when she needs encouragement and love.
  • 39.95 New Item
    tough cookie get well gift
    One Tough Cookie, Cheery Get Well Gift Box
    One Tough Cookie, Cheery Get Well Gift Box
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    Send this get well gift box filled with get well wishes to the tough cookies you know.
  • 109.00
    get well gift tray
    Rest & Recovery Get Well Gift Tray, Speedy Recovery Gift Basket$109.00
    Give them this prescription to a speedy recovery. A unique bed tray delivers hours upon hours of entertaining fun to lift their spirits and delicious chicken noodle soup to nourish them back to health. A truly one of a kind gift. This gift comes wrapped in cellophane and topped with a handmade bow. This gift measures 19 inches long by 13 inches wide and 9 inches tall and weighs approximately 5 pounds complete.
  • 79.95
    Hope and Strength Breast Cancer Gift Basket
    Hope and Strength Breast Cancer Gift Basket$79.95
    Have a loved one or friend who is battling breast cancer? Let them know that you are thinking of them with this gift basket of encouragement.
  • 119.00
    Get Well Recovery Gift Basket Village MD
    Get Well Recovery Gift Basket Village MD$119.00
    Have a sick friend or loved one? Recovering can be boring and lonely but this large designer gift will help them recover and keep their mind sharp too!
  • 78.00 onSALE
    breast cancer care package
    Fight, Hope, Win! Thoughtful Breast Cancer Care Package$89.95Sale $78.00
    Here's a thoughtful gift to show your support for someone who is battling breast cancer. Send this care package to let your friend or loved one know they aren't alone.
  • 69.00
    soup gifts online
    Soup's On, Delicious Hearty Artisan Soup Gift $69.00
    This delicious gift is fun to give and so easy for your recipients to serve and enjoy. Hearty chicken noodle artisan soup mix with old-fashioned homemade flavor and plenty of noodles will take the chill out of a cold day; spinach and cheese bruschetta, hot honey crunch mix, hummus, crackers, bacon and cheddar cheese spread, breadsticks and Himalayan salt are the perfect complements. A white oversized soup bowl, wooden spoon, and serving tray complete this carefree assortment that will be welcome in any home. Gift Size: 15" x 12" x 6"
  • 76.00 New Item
    childhood cancer gift basket for kids
    Cancer Gift Basket For Kids, Cheerful Children's Gift$88.00Sale $76.00
    This very special cancer gift arrangement for children offers gifts for the very tough child and the family who will be fighting with them. This gift is designed to be a cheerful and fun gift basket filled with yummy treats, activities, and a super soft 22” plush monkey friend to keep them company during their treatment.

Benefits of Sharing Your Story in an Online Community for Breast Cancer Survivors

breast cancer support gift baskets

The initial diagnosis of breast cancer can be an isolating and distressing experience. Close friends and family are vital to your recovery efforts and overall peace of mind, of course, but they feel emotionally invested in your disease and your progress towards recovery. They are on your side and, in most cases, tend to be the bearers of positive reinforcement. They play a critical role in keeping your spirits up.

Every breast cancer survivor reaches a point of having made it through the typical treatments of surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. That can be a time of reassurance where the patient is grateful for the mere fact of survival, or a time for a lot of questions, concerns, fears, and decisions about the future. While friends and family are still excellent resources, the time after initial treatment is an excellent time to pull dispassionate opinions into the recovery process.

Many breast cancer survivors seek out support groups or the advice of a therapist to cope with the months and years of survival. Still, another option that works well for many is to become involved in an online community where other survivors can share their hopes and concerns for their health. There are several reasons why online communities may provide what the breast cancer survivor needs most.

1) There is a level of anonymity in the online world. It is a place where a breast cancer survivor can let down her guard and express her most profound doubts and concerns without the fear that can come from upsetting loved ones if the truth becomes too much to bear.

2) Many online communities have a moderator who is well-versed in the topics surrounding breast cancer. The moderator can group participants according to their concerns, recommend other websites for further research, or even suggest the participant seek additional medical advice.

3) Online communities often have participants of vastly different backgrounds and from locations all around the globe. They can share ideas and discuss treatment options, giving any inquiring participants a chance to learn about therapies they may never have considered. Online communities help spread the word about the latest progress being made in breast cancer research as well as giving the opportunity to learn about clinical trials.

4) No one understands the potential side-effects of breast cancer treatments or follow-up medications better than someone who experiences them first hand. Online communities offer a pool of like-minded individuals who can provide a genuinely empathetic shoulder to cry on. Knowing you are not alone in your struggles can be powerful reinforcement.

5) The online community is there when you need them. At 2 a.m., when the weight of the world is keeping you awake, you can always find someone in the community who has posted the encouragement or concerns that plague your mind. You can pour out your heart any hour of the day or night, and someone will have something to say that you might need to hear.

6) Winners love to brag about their success. You are sure to find someone in the online community who has overcome some obstacle that challenges you. When you achieve a goal, the online community is there to support and cheer you on.

7) Sharing your struggles and efforts with others online can make you accountable for your progress. It's harder to abandon your goals when others are looking over your shoulder with encouragement. It's also harder to fall behind when you worry about disappointing your supporters.

8) The other members of the online community can be the biggest champions in your everyday struggles. No one knows where you've been or where you're going better than someone who has traveled the same road.

9) Online communities tend to be useful sources for other types of support. Recommendations for fitness classes, other website support services, and supportive book recommendations are common in these communities.

Online communities offer you a chance to give back some of the support and encouragement you have received from others in the forum. Don't forget that you are a part of an ongoing stream of women, and some men, who must deal with the struggles of breast cancer before, during, and after the diagnosis. There is a lot to learn from online community support forums and a lot you can give in return.


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