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How To Motivate Your Employees Through Appreciation

Working with staff involves many responsibilities, not the least of which is keeping your employees motivated. Motivated employees give their utmost effort to their work, function to the best of their abilities, and make your business successful. When motivation is lacking, on the other hand, productivity can drop significantly.

A primary way you can motivate your staff is by showing appreciation. To get you started, here are five suggestions for expressing gratitude to your employees:

1. Host an annual "staff appreciation" event.

Invite all staff members to attend free of charge with the option to invite one additional guest. Make it as formal or casual as you'd like. Hand out door prizes and pay tribute to those who achieve milestones at work or home. Say a few words recognizing how the staff has empowered the business to succeed—Christmastime and summer barbecue weather present natural opportunities to host such an event.

2. Say "thanks" privately and publicly.

As additional outlets, take advantage of social media to give recognition to your employees. Whether speaking at a company event or engaging in casual conversation, regularly say "thanks" to your staff members for their devotion and performance at their jobs. Rather than letting them feel taken for granted, let them know they are genuinely valued.

3. Give the occasional day off with pay.

If a staff member has recently completed an intensive project—or has experienced a stressful time personally—offering a day or two off to recover would be a meaningful (and much appreciated) gesture.

4. Invest in professional training.

Help your employees perform better while letting them know you value their contributions. Pay to send them to training seminars and conferences—preferably in resort areas where they can also enjoy some vacation time—and equip them with the tools they need to do their jobs right.

5. Send care packages to sick employees.

When a staff member is absent for a few days due to illness, arrange to have a home-cooked meal or a gift basket filled with an assortment of gifts to say they have been missed. Better yet, drop it off yourself.

Showing appreciation does not have to break the bank, yet it can have long-lasting ramifications. Your staff morale will go up, employees will become motivated to perform at peak efficiency, and the staff turnover rate will drop significantly. Plan meaningful ways to express your appreciation to those who work with you, starting today.