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Housewarming Gift Baskets, New Home Gift Basket Ideas

You can never go wrong with a housewarming gift basket, and a basket of goodies is the perfect way to welcome your new neighbors. Our housewarming gift baskets are stocked with everything from gourmet food to chocolates, baked goods, sweet and salty snacks, fresh fruit and tasty treats that the whole family is sure to love it.

Check out our housewarming gift basket selection for the very best in unique new home gift ideas. Welcome new neighbors, friends, and relatives into their new homes with housewarming gift baskets. Send a bright and cheery housewarming gift basket today!

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From the biggest city to the tiniest rural area, a sense of community is good for everyone. When a new neighbor moves in, existing residents can come together, welcoming the newcomers and doing their part to build on that sense of community. If you want to do your part and foster a sense of community, sending the perfect housewarming gift basket is a great first step.

As a housewarming gift, fruit baskets and gourmet food baskets are an excellent gift choice and will provide the family with a bit of healthy food while the cupboards are still being stocked. A fruit gift basket also makes a beautiful real estate closing gift or to welcome a new neighbor.

Buying a new home is one of the most significant steps a family or individual will ever take. An excellent way to celebrate their real estate purchase with style is to send or deliver a new home gift basket by Adorable Gift Baskets. A new home gift basket displays your thoughtfulness as you help them celebrate moving into their long-awaited dream home.

New home gift baskets by Adorable Gift Baskets provide an affordable gift idea for housewarming parties, real estate closings, or to congratulate a new homeowner from a distance. Check out our unique new home gift basket selection today, and find that unique gift to make their moving experience an occasion to remember!

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House Warming, New Apartment, Condo, and Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas. Adorable Gift Baskets offers thoughtful house warming gifts for first-time homeowners, new apartment residents, real estate closings, and housewarming parties. Our unique new home gifts are perfect for saying "Welcome Home" to new residents.


10 Practical and Useful Housewarming Gifts Your New Neighbors Will Thank You For


Choosing the perfect housewarming gift is a great first step in welcoming a new neighbor. The housewarming gift you provide does not have to be expensive or elaborate, but the gift you give should be from the heart. With that in mind, here are 10 practical, useful, and inexpensive housewarming gifts your new neighbors will thank you for.

  1. A home-cooked meal -- Moving is hard work, and the last thing your new neighbors want to do is dig out the cookware. A home-cooked meal is always welcome, so get out your casserole and make something great.
  2. A neighborhood directory - If you have a lot of new neighbors, why not create a directory of local businesses and area services? From where to find a good plumber to which local restaurants deliver, this information can be invaluable to new residents.
  3. Gift baskets - You can never go wrong with a gift basket, and a basket of goodies is the perfect way to welcome your new neighbors. Whether you stock the basket with gourmet chocolates, baked goods, or fresh fruit, the whole family is sure to love it.
  4. A potted plant - Nothing says home like a bit of greenery, and a potted plant is always a wonderful housewarming gift. If you love to garden, just choose your best plant, select an attractive pot, and welcome your new neighbors in style.
  5. Fresh produce from your garden - If you have a green thumb, you can share the bounty with your new neighbors. Everyone loves fresh produce, and having an ample supply of veggies could mean one less trip to the grocery store.
  6. Baked goods - Nothing says welcome to the neighborhood like a fresh-baked pie or delicious homemade cake. Baked goods are always welcome, so fire up the oven and get ready to welcome your new neighbors.
  7. Service offerings - If your new neighbors are also new parents, an offer of babysitting is sure to be well received. You can also offer other services, from mowing the lawn and weeding the garden to painting the garage or helping your new neighbors unpack.
  8. Coupons for area attractions - There are plenty of great things to see and do where you live, but your new neighbors may not know about them. Putting together a directory of local attractions, and a supply of money-saving coupons is a great way to welcome the latest additions to the neighborhood.
  9. Fresh-picked herbs from the garden - If you love to cook, you can share your love of cooking with the gift of fresh-picked herbs from the garden. From basil to parsley to everything in between, those fresh herbs will bring flavor to their new home.
  10. Invitation to the next block party - Hosting a block party or backyard barbecue is a great way to welcome the newest residents. When they attend, the newest family on the block can meet all their neighbors at once, building that sense of community one greeting at a time.

Building a great community does not happen by accident - it requires the concerted efforts of everyone in the neighborhood. Every new resident is one more opportunity to create a sense of community, and it all starts with the perfect housewarming gift. The 10 simple ideas listed above can help you welcome your new neighbors, and once they are settled in, the latest residents can pay your thoughtfulness forward.