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Halloween Gift Baskets For Kids and Adults

Halloween is a fun and spooky holiday celebrated in October. A Halloween-themed gift basket might include everything from candies, chocolates, costume accessories, pumpkin-carving tools, and even a spooky movie.

Get Free Shipping on All Halloween Gifts  - Shop our fun selection of Halloween gift baskets for kids and adults of all ages. Send Halloween gift boxes filled with devilishly delicious Halloween candy, sweets, and treats. Buy Halloween gifts online with trick-or-treat candy and spooky surprises to delight all your little trick-or-treaters, ghouls, and goblins!

Halloween Gift Baskets With Free Shipping

  • 68.00 Sold
    BOO To You! Ghostly Goodies, Halloween Gift Box
    BOO To You! Ghostly Goodies, Halloween Gift Box
    Scare up some spooky smiles with this hauntingly delicious Halloween goodies gift box
  • 82.00 Sold
    BOO!, Halloween Boo Box Care Package
    BOO!, Halloween Boo Box Care Package
    Send our festive, spooky gift basket to your little ones. It will be a hit this Halloween season.
  • 69.00 Sold
    Halloween gift box filled with candy
    Candy Cauldron Halloween Gift Basket For Kids
    Our Witches cauldron is filled to the brim with the best Halloween candy any child will love.
  • 68.00 Sold
    Franks Monster Mash Halloween Gift Tote
    Frankie's Halloween Monster Mash Gift Tote
    This Halloween gift tote remains a customer favorite and will scare up lots of spooky fun.
  • 58.00 Sold
    Frightfully Fun Halloween Candy Gift Pail
    Frightful Fun Halloween Gift Pail
    Send this scary Halloween gift filled with candies, goodies, happiness and tons of fun.
  • 69.95
    Ghirardelli Chocolate Gift Tower, Best Chocolates Anywhere
    Ghirardelli Chocolate Gift Tower, Best Chocolates Anywhere
    Average rating:
    average rating 80%
    An exclusive chocolate gift tower featuring a delectable array of Ghirardelli's finest creations.
  • 68.00 Sold
    GHOST Halloween Gift Box
    Ghostly Goodies Halloween Gift Box
    Ghosts and witches from near and far will all gather to enjoy these spooktacular Halloween treat!
  • 72.00 Sold
    Halloween Fun and Games Gift Box
    Halloween Fun and Games Gift Box For Kids
    Send this Spooky gift box filled with fun, games, sweets and treats to enjoy all Halloween night long.
  • 69.95 Sold
    Scary Halloween Movie Gift Box
    Halloween Scarefest Movie Gift Box
    With a Redbox gift card, this Halloween movie night gift box will deliver hours of family enjoyment.
  • 69.00 Sold
    Day of the Dead, Halloween gift basket
    Halloween, Day-of-the-Dead Gift Basket
    You might think that Day of the Dead should be dark and spooky but thatís not so! Itís a celebration of life!
  • 59.50 Sold
    Happy Haunting Halloween Gift Pail
    Happy Haunting Halloween Gift Basket
    Our spooky Halloween gift assortment is a thrilling way to help them celebrate Halloween.
  • 79.95
    Harvest Blessings, Fall Gift Basket
    Harvest Blessings, Fall Gift Basket
    Express your gratitude to family and friends. This pretty harvest market basket says it all.
  • 84.00
    Kid Stop, Big Fun-Filled Activity Gift Basket For Kids
    Average rating:
    average rating 100%
    Surprise and delight a special child with this basket filled with activities, snacks, toys, and goodies.
  • 89.00
    kids big fun gift box
    Kids Big Fun Gift Box, Activities, Toys & Treats$89.00
    Kids one-size-fits-all entertainment gift for toddlers to tweens. Big fun from morning 'til night.
  • 69.50
    coloring gift box for children
    Kids Crayola Coloring Fun Activity Gift Box$69.50
    This is a perfect gift for children, filled with kids' activities and snacks galore to help pass the time.
  • 104.00
    big fun gift basket for children
    Kids Tons of Fun Games & Gifts, Gift Basket For Children$104.00
    Brighten the day for your little friend. If I were a kid, this is the gift basket I would want Ė it is fantastic!
  • 89.95
    Fall Gift Baskets of Snacks
    Shades of Fall Gourmet Gift Basket
    This bountiful willow gift basket arrives stocked with Fall sweets and savory Autumn treats.
  • 79.00
    gift box for kids to send by mail
    Special Delivery, Kids Fun Gift Box$79.00
    Whether 8 or 18 this fun-filled gift box is a surefire way to entertain as well as satisfy their appetites!
  • 68.50 Sold
    Spooky Halloween Gift Box
    Spooktacular Halloween Sweets Gift Box
    This Halloween gift basket will scare everyone fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of your generosity.
  • 68.00 Sold
    Halloween Gift Tower
    Spooky Halloween Fun Gift Book/Boxes
    All treats, no tricks! Ghoulishly delicious Halloween treats sure to fright and delight!
  • 99.50
    Thanksgiving Gourmet Gift Basket
    Thanksgiving Celebration, Gourmet Gift Basket$99.50
    Express your Thankfulness with a taste of Fall; sparkling cider, cheese, sausage, chocolates, and more.
  • 59.00 Sold
    Happy Halloween Pumpkin Pail
    The Cutest, Halloween Gift Basket of All
    This Halloween, Jack-o'-Lantern gift pail overflows with yummy Halloween candies that everyone loves.
  • 68.50
    The Fall Snack Attack Gift Basket
    The Fall Snack Attack Gift Basket
    Rich with Fall flavor and flair nobody can resist the abundance of classic snacks filling this Fall basket.
  • 54.00 Sold
    Frightfully Fun Halloween Candy Gift Pail
    The Monster Ball Halloween Care Package
    This Halloween gift box is filled to overflowing with classic Halloween candies and fun for all.
  • 59.95 Sold
    The Monster Mash, Halloween Gift Pail
    The Monster Mash, Halloween Gift Pail
    The Halloween sweets and treats inside this pumpkin will sweeten even the scariest of monsters.
  • 68.95 Sold
    Halloween Trick or Treat Gift Bag
    Trick or Treat Treasures, Halloween Gift Tote
    Send this fun-filled Halloween trick-or-treating gift bag packed full of fun, candy and tasty treats.

How to Celebrating Halloween on a Shoestring

Holidays are all about fun, sharing time with family and friends, and creating memories for the future. Holidays may also be a time of added expense to an already tight budget. Having limited resources for entertaining and sharing doesn't have to mean you miss out on the fun of Halloween. With some imagination, your Halloween experience can turn into an annual tradition.

. Invite several couples to your home for a Halloween "costume" party. Each couple can bring a food or beverage item to share. Instruct each couple to come to the party impersonating some great figure in history. There are no actual costumes allowed. Each couple must act out the role of the person or persons they are impersonating without costumes or props of any kind. The other couples must guess the identity of the character being portrayed. Nominal prizes can be awarded for the best impersonation and to the couple most successful in guessing.

. Take your Halloween show on the road. Enlist the help of a few friends. Cover your face with a simple, inexpensive mask or floppy hat and head to the local children's hospital or senior citizen's facility. Pass out treats and spend some time chatting with the residents. Spending time with folks who can't enjoy the holidays without restrictions is heartwarming and enriching.

. Halloween is an excellent excuse to organize a cookie exchange with friends or co-workers. Have a dozen or so friends whip up a batch of their favorite cookie recipes, making enough to share with everyone. Get together over coffee and cookies to share your bounty. Each baker gets a dozen cookies from each of the other bakers while exchanging a dozen of their own in return. Freeze your cookies for a head start on the rapidly approaching holiday season. You'll enjoy the Halloween event as a precursor to the even bigger holiday events to come.

. When it comes to children's Halloween events, remember that you don't have to spend extravagant amounts of money to make kids happy. Gather a group of your favorite kids and a parent and have an afternoon party. Let the children make Halloween masks from construction paper, crayons, or paints. A few games and a fashion show with the newly designed masks will offer all the entertainment needed. Provide healthy snacks and special holiday treats. This might coincide nicely with the cookie exchange group for parents with young children.

Halloween is a holiday celebrated in many different ways depending on where you live and community accessibility. And it's not just a holiday for children. There's no need to be limited to the standard traditions of buying expensive costumes, going door to door in search of candy, or passing out treats to everyone who knocks on your door. With a bit of imagination, this Halloween holiday can be fun and memorable for everyone, regardless of age.