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Basket Decor Ideas, How To Decorate With Baskets

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Baskets For Decoration and Organization

Baskets can be used in a variety of ways and they will also add an extra flavor to your decorating. The following tips are useful in helping you to maintain organization.

The kitchen is often the busiest room in the house, with people trying to get a meal, running through and leaving stuff behind. You can leave a large wicker basket by the door to collect shoes in during the summer months. This is not feasible for wintertime, as snow dripping off the shoes would eventually ruin the basket.

You can also have a shelf with baskets for everyone living in the house. If they do not want to leave anything behind in the morning rush, they can put it in the basket the night before and it’s ready for them the next day.

Another thing you can do is hang flat-backed baskets on the wall in the kitchen. You can hold things such as sponges, potholders, or even dish towels in them. This will free up some of your valuable cupboard space. A small basket sitting on the counter or table can hold items such as teabags, sugars, and even sample packets of jelly.

Baskets in the bathroom are wonderful for when space is an issue. You can buy decorative baskets and fill them with your toiletries, extra bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and even washcloths and towels. A tall narrow basket is good to keep extra toilet paper in. Basket hanging on the wall can hold extra razors, toothpaste, and even prescriptions. Or how about a small basket on the wall filled with potpourri?

In the den or living room, you can keep papers and mail sorted in individual baskets, as well as pens and pencils. Colored baskets can be used to match your decor. Leave a small basket on the coffee table to hold your remotes and they’ll never be lost again. Baskets with a dried flower arrangements make one of the best decorations for a coffee table or end table. Flat-backed baskets with dried flowers look wonderful on the wall of any living room. You can pick the dried flowers to match your color scheme.

Toys can also be stored in baskets for organization. In the child’s room, sort out types of toys and label the baskets with either a tag or picture, depending upon their age. When it is time to pick up, your child should have no problems putting toys in the right places.

When you decorate with baskets, you have many choices of types, sizes, and colors. Use these baskets for organization and your home will end up beautifully decorated, as well.

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