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Ultimate Boarderie Cheese & Charcuterie

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Highlighting Good Taste, An impressive array of artisanal cheeses and accompaniments!

Boarderie's offering of ready-to-graze boards makes a delightful and convenient option for those who appreciate a curated selection of fine cheeses and charcuterie. It arrives completely assembled, taking the hassle of putting together a cheese and charcuterie spread. This feature makes it easy for individuals to enjoy a gourmet experience without extensive preparation.

Let's take a closer look at the delightful offerings: 


  1. Sheep & Goat Milk Wedge (3.5oz): A blend of sheep and goat milk, offering a distinct and rich flavor profile.
  2. Cranberry Chipotle Cheddar (2oz): A cheddar with a fusion of sweet cranberries and spicy chipotle for a flavorful kick.
  3. Caraway Cheddar (1.75oz): Cheddar infused with caraway seeds, providing a savory and aromatic twist.
  4. Blueberry Wensleydale (2oz): Wensleydale cheese with the sweet addition of blueberries, creating a delightful contrast.
  5. BellaVitano Espresso (2oz): A unique cheese with the infusion of espresso, offering a blend of savory and bold coffee notes.
  6. Fig Goat Cheese (3oz): Goat cheese with the sweet and earthy flavor of figs, providing a luscious combination.
  7. Apple Smoked Cheddar (2oz): Cheddar with a smoky applewood essence adds depth to the cheese.
  8. Ubriacone (2.75oz): A cheese soaked in red wine, imparting a rich and wine-infused taste.
  9. Blueberry Vanilla Goat Cheese (3oz): Goat cheese with the sweet essence of blueberries and vanilla, creating a creamy and fruity delight.
  10. Truffle Moliterno (2oz): A cheese with truffle infusion, delivering an indulgent and earthy flavor.
  11. Bourbon Vanilla Cheddar (1.5oz): Cheddar with the warmth of bourbon and the sweetness of vanilla, providing a unique twist.
  12. Sage Derby (2.5oz): Derby cheese infused with aromatic sage, offering a herbaceous and savory experience.
  13. Goat Gouda (2.5oz): Goat Gouda is a goat's milk gouda known for its mild and slightly sweet taste.

Charcuterie: 14. Pinot Grigio Salami (1.5oz): Salami infused with the flavors of Pinot Grigio wine.

  1. Stagberry Salami (2oz): Salami featuring a blend of gamey stag meat and sweet berries.
  2. Bresaola (2oz): Air-dried beef, adding a savory and rich component to the board.
  3. Salami Picante (2oz): Spicy salami, contributing a bold and zesty kick.

Accompaniments: 18. Sun-Dried Tomatoes (2oz): Intensely flavored sun-dried tomatoes provide sweetness.

  1. Turkish Figs (1.5oz): Sweet and chewy Turkish figs, adding a natural sweetness.
  2. Juicy Apricots (1.5oz): Dried apricots for a sweet and tangy contrast.

Serving Accessories: 21. Bamboo Fork Pickers (10): Bamboo picks for easy serving.

  1. Bamboo Spreader (2): Spreaders for cheese and accompaniments.

Serving Vessel: 23. Serving Tray: A vessel to beautifully present this exquisite selection.

This curated selection showcases a thoughtful combination of cheeses, charcuterie, and accompaniments, promising a sophisticated and delightful tasting experience for any cheese enthusiast.

Delivered Coast to Coast: The convenience of coast-to-coast delivery ensures that these gourmet boards are accessible to a broad audience, allowing people from different regions to enjoy high-quality and thoughtfully selected ingredients.

Unique Tasting Experience: Boarderie's boards promise a unique tasting experience by featuring perfectly paired and impeccably-sourced ingredients. This suggests a focus on a diverse and complementary range of flavors to enhance the overall enjoyment of the board.

Each keepsake board includes high-quality cheese, cured meats, dried fruits, nuts, chocolates, and crackers. This commitment to excellence ensures that customers receive a premium selection of gourmet items.

Perfect for Gifting or Hosting: Whether for a special occasion, a thoughtful gift, or hosting an event at home, Boarderie's ready-to-graze boards are the ideal treat. This versatility makes them suitable for various occasions and settings. Acacia Wood Serving Board: An acacia wood serving board adds an elegant touch to the presentation. Additionally, mentioning that it can be kept and reused for repeat grazing suggests a sustainable and eco-friendly approach. Overall, Boarderie offers a convenient and high-quality solution for those who appreciate the art of cheese and charcuterie, providing a curated experience that can be enjoyed without the need for extensive preparation. What an impressive array of artisanal cheeses and accompaniments! This assortment promises a rich and diverse tasting experience with unique flavors, textures, and pairings.


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