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moscow mule gift basket
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Moscow Mule Gift Set, An All Time Favorite

A creative gift for any occasion. Add your spirit of choice or enjoy the refreshing, clean taste on its own.

Just Add Your Favorite Spirit or Enjoy By Itself

MOSCOW MULE, AN ALL-TIME FAVORITE JUST ADD YOUR OWN SPIRIT: Perfect in a Dark and Stormy, Moscow Mule or simply as a soft drink on its own.  ENJOY THE SODA ALONE OR NOT: Simply add your spirit of choice and a splash of club soda or Enjoy on its own and refresh your thirst. It makes an excellent gift for any occasion


  • Nonni's Bruschetta Italian Toast (2oz)
  • Hummus Original flavor (3oz)
  • Smoked Gouda Cheese Spread (3.5oz)
  • Ciao Italia Tapis Italian Snack Crisps w/Olives (2.82oz)
  • Poshi Artichokes Basil & Thyme (1.58oz)
  • Salted Virginia Peanuts (4oz)
  • San Pellegrino Ginger Beer (two 200ml bottles)
  • Stainless Steel w/Handle Hammered Copper Mug 19oz (2)
  • Metal Tray


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