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J. HARVEY HAMES ... Christian Author and Realtor

Harvey was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday, September 30. Harvey's father (Riley) left home when Harvey was just two months old—leaving his mother (Evelyn) with three small children. Harvey's sister (Katherine) is three years older, and his brother (RT) is eight years older. His mother refused to accept any assistance from the government and worked three different jobs. At the same time, his grandmother (Minnie Mae Ledford) helped raise Harvey, his sister (Katherine), and his brother (RT).


When Harvey was five years old, his family started attending Riverside Church of God in Atlanta. His mother (Evelyn) met and married Jim, who participated in the church. The three children, plus his mother and new father (Jim), moved to West Palm Beach, Florida. Everything was great for a while, then Jim, Harvey's new stepfather, became an alcoholic. Then from "out of the blue," Harvey's real father (Riley) shows up in West Palm Beach, Florida, and kidnaps Harvey, now six, and his sister (Katherine) from their school. Harvey's mother allowed Harvey and his sister to stay in Atlanta for six months before going to Atlanta and kidnapping them back. Harvey was now seven years old when his mother showed up while Harvey and his sister walked home from school. Harvey said, "Thank God, now we can live with mom." RT (Harvey's brother) had just turned 16 years and had married Helen, who lived in West Palm Beach, Florida. 


After getting to Stockton, they started attending a church. Because Harvey's mother had to continue to be on the move to prevent her ex-husband from kidnapping her children, Harvey had attended twelve different schools by the time he was in the eighth grade. Then he and his family settled back in Atlanta. They started attending Riverside Church of God, where Harvey met his future wife.


At seven years old, Harvey had given his life to the Lord Jesus Christ and eventually became an ordained minister after moving to Louisville, KY. His wife's father was the pastor of a large church in Louisville. Her father would preach, and he and his wife would sing on TV every week and radio seven days a week. Then after seven years, Harvey and his wife had a wonderful son named Todd Lynn Hames.


After ten years, Harvey and his wife divorced, and their young son, Todd, moved to Nashville, TN, with his mother to work for a gospel singing agency. They represented and promoted many singing groups. 


Harvey stayed in Louisville and launched a successful career in real estate. After about a year, the company made him manager of their main office of approximately fifty real estate agents. Todd would go to Louisville to see Harvey many weekends. Then Todd got married, and Harvey would only see Todd two or three times a year.


After several years of living a single life, Harvey started dating a wonderful lady named Melaine. When he told her he was planning to relocate to Florida and retire, her first words were, "I am going with you." Finding a condo in Delray Beach, FL, they settled into Florida living. 


She went to the doctor four months later and was told she had breast cancer. All the doctors gave her six months to live. However, she lived for seven years with God's grace, doctors, and chemo treatments. On January 2, 2020, Melaine went to be with the Lord in Heaven shortly after Harvey had written and had published his first book "Bible Understanding" plus "Circle of Love." You can find it on Amazon or IUniverse and in bookstores.


Harvey finished another book called "Jesus (God? Man? or Myth?)". It should be available on Amazon or Readers magnet and in bookstores in a few months.



Bible Understanding - Book Cover
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Jesus (God? Man? Myth?) - Book Cover
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