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Fantastic Gift Baskets for Foodies - Shop Our Gourmet Gift Basket Catalog For Delivery filled with unique gift baskets, presents, and basket gifts to send by mail—fast USA gift basket delivery.  A food gift basket makes a wonderful gift. Since most people enjoy good gourmet food, this type of gift basket should be greatly appreciated when you purchase from Adorable Gift Baskets with award-winning foods and rave reviews. Use one of these gift basket ideas the next time you want to make your foodie friend or family member happy with the gift they receive from you.  

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Fantastic Gifts for Foodies

If you know a foodie you want to present an impressive gift to, choose one or more items from the following list. These gift suggestions will delight keen cooks or simply people who love food. Examine each item on the list and choose the one you think your gift recipient would love to have. If you're a foodie yourself, gift yourself with one or more of these items!

Gourmet Olive Oil

A fancy bottle of olive oil will please your food lover's palate as well as their eyes. Oil infused with a sprig of rosemary, star anise, cloves, or peppercorns looks attractive in a clear glass bottle and tastes delicious. Additional gourmet oil choices include oils infused with chili peppers or flavorful spices. Olive oil infused with herbs or spices is available in single bottles or multiple bottles designed to be given as a gift set.

Olive Oil Dipping Plates and Dispenser

You may want to present your gift recipient with a set of olive oil dipping plates to go with the gourmet olive oil you plan to give them. There are dipping plates with images of tomatoes and parsley on them, plates with images of olives on them, and other finely-designed dipping plates. You'll see so many attractive designs; you might find selecting just one difficult. Beautiful oil dispensers are also available.   

Gourmet Fruit Basket

Sending someone a basket of fresh fruit is an excellent way to celebrate a special joyous occasion or express sympathy for losing a loved one. Crisp apples, sweet pears, juicy oranges, kiwis, and pineapple are just some of the tasty fruits that fill up these baskets. Some gift baskets contain both fruit and cheese.

Hot Sauce Gift Basket

Purchase a hot sauce gift basket for the one who enjoys the taste of spicy foods. Buy a gift box containing three bottles of hot sauce or more. Also, consider a hot snack gift basket filled with goodies like hot sauce, hot nuts, spicy salsa, hot beef jerky, and olives stuffed with habanero peppers.

Cookies and Cake Gift Baskets

Give the foodie, you know, a cookie or cake gift basket to enjoy. When you place your order, request that your basket include chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, and other classic favorites. Great ideas for cake gifts include cheesecake varieties. Ask that a bottle of wine be included to make your gift basket even more special.