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Picnic Baskets, Backpacks, Great Prices

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Picnic gift baskets, backpacks, totes delivered filled with delicious picnic foods! Picnics are great fun, picnic food is delicious and everyone loves a picnic! Surprise someone with a handsome picnic gift basket, fully loaded with tasty picnic food for a relaxing day in the park with friends or family.

Fun Summer Picnic Themes for Kids and Adults

Summer picnics with a great theme are an excellent treat for kids and moms alike. After selecting a date and theme for your picnic, plan what food items to include and what types of activities should be a part of the day. Include the kids in the planning of this special day by having them cut out shapes or draw pictures related to the theme. When shopping for the items needed for the picnic, coordinate things such as napkins, plates, utensils, table cover, decorations, and food items to the chosen theme. The kids will have a great time simply preparing for the occasion! Following are a few picnic theme ideas to get you started:

Beach Party Picnic Make fun surfboard finger sandwiches, fruit in a watermelon bowl, or fish shaped cookies. Younger children can enjoy such games as Hot Pineapple (the classic ěHot Potatoî with a pineapple), limbo, bag races, and building sand castles. Older kids will love playing beach volleyball, Frisbee, or badminton.

Camping Party Picnic

Invite a bunch of friends for a day of fun camping activities. Keep the picnic food simple, such as finger sandwiches, hot dogs, cut vegetables, and of course, donít forget the símores! Plan a fun scavenger hunt to start the day. Before eating, take the kids on a short hike and have a contest to find the most original leaf (just make sure they donít pick poison ivy) or rock. Identify different insects, trees, and plants along the way. At the dayís end, gather around a fire to roast hot dogs and marshmallows. Tell stories, sing songs, and let each child share what they felt was the most exciting part of the picnic. For those who are really adventurous, spend the night under the stars with nature!

Pool Side Picnic Fun

If you have a swimming pool, invite several families over and have a pool side party. The kids can play tag games, have swim contests, and toss a beach ball back and forth. For food, make simple finger foods and decorate them with little colorful umbrellas. You could take the pool picnic one step further and make it a Luau party theme. Provide fresh fruit in pineapples, and everyone could wear Hawaiian leis, grass skirts, or Hawaiian shirts. Decorate straw hats or coconuts for a fun and original pool side party activity. Find some Hawaiian music and have a contest to see who can hula the best.

Zoo Picnic

For young children, up to about age 10, you might consider a zoo picnic. This could be a fun and eventful day with a visit to the zoo and a picnic in the park. After touring the zoo, enjoy a simple lunch and discuss the different animals you saw and what things they like to eat. You could bring along coloring books with pictures of zoo animals or play charades where the kids have to guess which animal is being imitated.

Pirate Picnic Party

A pirate picnic can be a great adventure. Select foods such as tuna fish sandwiches cut in the shape of anchors or fish, salt water taffy, or goldfish crackers. Decorate the picnic table or tablecloth with a big fish net and get an eye patch or pirate hat for each child to wear. Play Pin the Patch on the Pirate and have a fun and mysterious treasure hunt with maps and clues provided to a treasure chest filled with goodies.

Southwestern Picnic Fun

For a fun southwestern theme, decorate the backyard with hay bales and ropes. Have chips and salsa for a snack and let the kids build their own burritos or tacos. Play games such as Corn Hole, Lasso the Bull, and hopscotch.

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