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Choose The Right Gift For Her, Not The Easy Way Out

pampering git ideas for women

Although there are many variables to choosing the right gift for the woman in your life, some rules always apply. Following are essential tips to help you navigate the murky waters of choosing a gift.

Don't just send a dozen flowers or a box of chocolates and expect an overwhelming response. Women love to receive gifts that are meaningful and match their interests. If you send flowers (and sometimes you should), add a special teddy bear, picture frame, or balloons to make the gift more personal.

Avoid candy or fitness-related items. Many of us watch our weight and avoid fatty, sugary foods. Fitness equipment gifts may be considered an insult, as though you are criticizing the woman's weight. Don't think you're being helpful by giving such a gift - it will backfire on you!

Never buy her a gift you like or want and give it to her. This trick will not work on any woman with half a brain!  For example, a guy buys concert tickets for his girlfriend's birthday! She is surprised and pleased until he announced the tickets are to a Country Music concert. She listened to soft rock, not country music. Out of politeness, she went to the concert. Giving a gift to someone that is something you like or want is selfish and sure to cause serious repercussions in your relationship. Please don't do it.

If in doubt, send her a gift basket filled with pampering bath and body products. Not only will she receive a great gift that interests her, but she will relax and enjoy something special that she can use!

Make your gift-giving successful by learning about the women in your life and appreciating them for their unique gifts. Women love to receive gift baskets filled with luxuriously scented pamper products. Don't wait for a birthday or other special occasion. Give her gift baskets frequently and unexpectedly, and you will be pleasantly surprised by her response!

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