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Sympathy Gift Baskets Bring Comfort Even in the Saddest Moments

Sending a sympathy gift basket is the perfect way to express your condolences and positive thoughts. Our beautifully designed, visually uplifting sympathy gift baskets delivered to their door make a wonderful way to extend comfort and your caring thoughts when there is a death in the family.

  • quiet-moments-gift-box
    Quiet Moments Encouragement Gift Box$49.00
    Gift of comfort includes coffee, snacks, framed poem and Quiet Times, a touching gift book of encouragement for those coping with difficult times.
  • touch-of-comfort-gift-box
    Touch of Comfort Gift Basket$49.95
    Sympathy gift features Flowers That Never Fade a touching gift book written especially for coping with difficult times plus tea, snacks and gift mug.
  • get-well-soup-basket
    Feel Better Soon Soup Basket$59.00Sale $54.00
    This delicious carefree hearty soup gift assortment is welcome in any home or kitchen and so easy for your recipients to serve and enjoy.
  • rememberance-sympathy-gift.gif
    In Rememberance, Sympathy Gift Basket$65.00
    This very beautiful sympathy gift basket is loaded with comfort gifts for those grieving a loss. Features the touching book Words of Comfort, When You Lose a Loved One.
  • tea-and-sympathy-gift-basket
    Tea and Sympathy Gift Basket$69.00
    A lovely gift of comfort and support to help during the grieving process. Includes a Collection of Comfort sympathy poems, tea and tea time snacks.
  • fruit basket
    Wholesome Fruit and Gourmet Basket$69.00Sale $59.95
    Fresh fruit hand picked and packed with care paired with delicious gourmet food snacks. A customer favorite that's perfect for any occasion.
  • 560
    Sympathy Basket$78.00Sale $69.99
    A comforting gift to help make a tough time a bit better. They will be touched and impressed by your thoughtful presentation.
  • think-of-you
    Thinking Of You Gift Basket$78.00
    Lift their spirits with this beautiful recovery gift basket of scrumptious gourmet food, sweets, treats and gifts to brighten their day.
  • shelter-gift.jpg
    Shelter From The Storm Sympathy Basket$79.00
    Send words of comfort with this beautiful sympathy gift basket designed to help comfort those grieving the loss of a loved one.
  • bereavement-sympathy.jpg
    Sincere Sympathy Basket$94.00
    A beautifully arranged sympathy basket filled with heartwarming keepsakes and gourmet comfort foods may go a long way towards lifting their spirits. 2 sizes available
  • send-sympathy-gift
    Sincere Sympathy Gift Basket$94.00
    A sympathy gift basket to help bring comfort to someone who has suffered a loss. Such a beautiful and practical way for you to show support.
  • encouragement.jpg
    A Gift Basket Of Encouragement$95.00
    Send this uplifting gift basket filled with delicious treats plus an inspiring gift book to lift their spirits and provide encouragement during tough times.
  • christian-gift
    The Christian Heart Gift Basket$105.00
    Our inspirational gift basket filled with gourmet food and Christian gifts creates a meaningful gift for any occasion.
  • peace-sympathy.jpg
    Serenity Sympathy Basket$110.00
    A breathtakingly beautiful sympathy gift basket filled with delicious comfort foods and a meaningful journal. (2 sizes available)
  • in-loving-memory.jpg
    Loving Memories Sympathy Gift Basket$125.00
    This sympathy gift includes a touching gift book for recalling a loved one who has passed plus a variety of comfort foods.
  • sympathy--prayers.jpg
    In Our Prayers, Sympathy Gift Basket$165.00
    Send loving wishes of peace, comfort and sympathy when you give this huge basket of treasured memories and gourmet foods.
How to Write a Genuine Sympathy Note or Letter

Writing a genuine heartfelt sympathy note or letter can prove to be very challenging. However, its value is almost priceless as your words will work to comfort the recipient, letting them know they are not alone in their time of need.

Although a printed sympathy card will be gratefully received, adding that personal touch counts that little but more. To achieve this, it only takes a hand written message to show that you have put in the extra time and effort into writing those supportive words.

So, when do you write a sympathy message? Usually, these notes are written to friends or loved ones who have experienced a terrible loss. For example, to a friend who has lost a family member or a loved one, or perhaps has had a miscarriage.

Sometimes you may mean well with your words, but they may be misunderstood or even deemed offensive. For this reason, it is a good idea to establish what not to say. There are three major things to avoid in your note.

Firstly, avoid using the words dead and died. You can replace them with ‘your loss’ or ‘the passing of...’. By doing so, your message has a more sensitive touch to it that will be appreciated.

Secondly, stay away from clichés and statements that may, unintentionally, belittle the bereaved’s loss. They may also be too impersonal and may be seen as unjustifiable and disputable. Examples include:

It’s for the best or She/he is in a better place

Finally, avoid comparing their loss to something you may have experienced before. This is particularly important considering that we all grieve differently. Therefore phrases such as ‘I know how you feel’ are not very effective and may not come across as completely genuine.

Before you start writing your message, it is important to remember that the aim of your words is to recognize the recipient’s loss and to offer your support. With this in mind, start your note by acknowledging their loss. For example: I was deeply saddened to hear about ...’s passing

Once you have done this, move onto expressing your sympathy. I want to express my heartfelt sympathy to you and your family

It is an appreciated touch to talk about their qualities. For example: ... was a truly generous person who touched all our lives. He/she will be dearly missed.

Finally, before signing off, offer your assistance, making sure you can deliver. Please give me a call if there is anything I can do to help. With my deepest sympathy

Remember, you will not be able to make the recipient feel better about their loss, but your words will offer them support and comfort during their bereavement. How to Write a Genuine Sympathy Note or Letter

How To Comfort A Grieving Friend

Sympathy gift baskets have the power to change the mood to a world of beauty and peace. A comforting gift, sent during the days of grief after the death of the dear ones, will certainly lighten their mind. Sympathy gift baskets and gifts are excellent for politely expressing sympathy during times of suffering and loss. While we may not know what to do or say during these difficult times, sympathy gift baskets convey your condolences easily and with the utmost elegance.

Send a sympathy basket, comforting care package, thinking of you gift box, fruit or food basket. Gourmet food baskets can include comfort food gifts such as gourmet, fruit, cookies and inspirational booklets with comforting messages.

Of course, during difficult times, your most precious gift to the bereaved is the gift of simply letting them know that you care. During their time of sorrow and sadness this gift alone can make his or her grief more bearable.

"I just wanted to write and tell you how quickly your customer care consultant acted on behalf of your company, Adorable Gift Baskets. After the death of my beloved sister I have had a very difficult time organizing my thoughts and taking care of the many thank yous that come with the death of a loved one. Your conscientious customer care has saved us such an incredible amount of hassle and trouble trying to get gifts out.

Customer Service like this is what sets companies like yours apart and makes you stand out from the rest. So do your baskets which we think are superb. We are so impressed and grateful that we will sing your praises loud and clear to whomever we encounter. Thank you for a job well done. Sincerely Mary Dowling, Marketing & Creative Services - New Fairfield, CT 06812"