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Get Well Comfort Gift Baskets, Gifts to Encourage

Send Get Well Gift Baskets, Comfort Food, Care Packages, Fruit Baskets and Cheerful Get Well Gifts for Delivery

Lavish Spa Escape Spa Escape
This spa collection is overflowing with the exotic mix of sweet, fresh and tart fragrances of cranberry pomegranate scented spa products. Two microfiber towels and a pair of slippers add a special touch to this exclusive spa collection.
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Old-Fashioned Soup Basket Old-Fashioned Soup Basket
This assortment of delicious soups, roasted garlic and onion dip mix, dried fruit and nuts, English tea, sesame crackers and two oversized soup bowls make this a great gift to give and so easy for your recipients to serve and enjoy.
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Morning Breakfast Basket Morning Breakfast Basket
This great breakfast in bed gift is brimming with delicious breakfast food ready for your recipient's enjoyment. Pancake mix, jelly, preserves, coffee, tea and even a teapot, two mugs and more arrive on a breakfast serving tray.
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Get Well Wishes Gift Tower Get Well Wishes Gift Tower
Put a smile on their face. Send your best wishes for a speedy recovery with these elegantly designed gift boxes filled with special treats to enjoy while they get well.
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Get Well Teddy Bear Basket Get Well Teddy Bear Basket
This cuddly bear's sign, embroidered with Get Well, will let them know how you feel. Send your get well wishes and touch their hearts with this adorable get well teddy bear gift basket filled with sweets and treats.
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Fruit and Gourmet Basket Fruit and Gourmet Basket
Wholesome fresh fruit and gourmet snacks fill this delightful gift basket. Pears, apples, oranges, cheese, chocolates and more!
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Get Well Soon Gift Box Cheerful Get Well Gift Box
A thoughtful comfort get well gift includes Dominoes, Word Find book, Sudoku puzzle and delicious snacks to enjoy while they're getting better.
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Relaxing Recovery Basket for Her Relaxing Recovery Basket for Her
An over sized get well gift basket offers a soothing solution to recovery. Arrives filled with pampering spa gifts, aromatherapy gifts, sweet goodies, and an incredibly cute plush “Get Well” puppy to snuggle with while they recover!
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Recuperate Kate, Get Well Wishes (X-Lg) Recuperate Kate, Get Well Wishes
$129.99 $119.99 Sale
A stunning get well gift arrangement to bring much needed joy to their recuperation process! Send this big and beautiful get well gift for her featuring our adorable Recuperate Kate teddy bear plus a collection of delicious comfort foods. Absolutely gorgeous!
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World’s Greatest Nurse Gift Basket For Nurses And Caregivers World’s Greatest Nurse Gift Basket For Nurses
This elegant gift basket for nurses is a great way to thank a nurse or caregiver for their compassion, comfort, care, hard work and dedication to patients.
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Thinking Of You Gift Basket Thinking Of You Gift Basket
Lift their spirits with this lovely collection of gourmet food gifts to let them know that you care and that you are thinking of them. 2 sizes available.
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Sunny Days Ahead, Get Well Basket Sunny Days Ahead, Get Well Basket (Large)
Brighten their day with this cheerful get well gift basket adorned with colorful silk flowers, designer ribbon and includes a beautiful keepsake humming bird!
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Heartwarming get well gift basket Road To Recovery, Get Well Gift Basket
A great new get well gift basket, designed with a lot of style, offers doctor theme gift box filled with goodies to make them feel better fast.
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Hang In There, Get Well Gift Basket Hang In There, Get Well Gift Basket (X-Large)
A speedy recovery gift featuring our 'Hang In There' monkey and delicious snacks inside a large, keepsake seagrass basket which makes a beautiful display piece or magazine rack.
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Get Well Gift Trunk Get Well Gift Trunk
A handsome wooden get well gift trunk is etched with bronze detailing and filled with gourmet goodies. A wonderful keepsake perfect for a multitude of uses after the goodie are gone.
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Bounce Back Jack , Get Well Wishes (X-Lg) Bounce Back Jack , Get Well Wishes (X-Lg)
An adorable, super sweet and soft, handcrafted teddy bear and our most delicious get well comfort foods to bring them joy while they bounce back to recovery!
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Cheery Thinking of You Basket Cheery Thinking of You Basket
$75.00 $69.00 Sale
Know someone going through a difficult time? Send this cheerful gift basket designed to help lift spirits and brighten their day.
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Dr. Feel Good, Get Well Basket Dr. Feel Good, Get Well Basket
Send a smile and turn their frown upside down with our unique get well gift basket of gourmet treats. A great get well gift idea!
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Gourmet Comfort Food Basket Gourmet Comfort Foods
Know someone who is sad, stressed out, sick or broken-hearted? Treat them to this basket filled with a host of delicious gourmet comfort foods!
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Sunny Recovery Basket Sunny Recovery Basket
A cheerful get well basket filled with sweet treats, salty snacks, fun game books - Sudoku Puzzle, Crossword Puzzle and Word Find Book.
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Feel Better Fast, Comfort Food Basket Feel Better Fast, Comfort Food Basket
Encourage someone who is sick or recovering. A generous selection of comfort food to help your friend or family member feel better faster.
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Send The Nurse, Get Well Basket Send The Nurse, Get Well Basket
They'll be back to their normal self in no time flat when this thoughtful get well gift basket filled with treats arrives.
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Thinking of You Gift Tower Thinking of You Gift Tower
A bright and beautiful gift tower of delicious sweets and treats makes a perfect gift for Easter, Mother's Day, Birthday, Thank You, Get Well and any occasion.
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Get Well Comfort Gift For Her Get Well Comfort Gift For Her
A wonderful gift to comfort her while she is recovering designed exclusively for women. Lovely gifts to pamper her back to good health.
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Cabin Fever, Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket Cabin Fever, Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket
Whether they are laid up, laid off, sad, mad, or home ill with a chill, this gift basket is the perfect remedy for what ever ails them.
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A Gift Basket Of Encouragement A Gift Basket Of Encouragement
Send this uplifting gift basket filled with delicious treats plus an inspiring gift book to lift their spirits and provide encouragement during tough times.
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Village MD,  Get Well Recovery Gift Basket Village MD, Get Well Recovery Gift Basket
Have a sick friend or loved one? Recovering can be boring and lonely but this large designer gift will help them recover and keep their mind sharp too!
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To Brighten Your Day, Get Well Basket To Brighten Your Day, Get Well Basket
Their day will get a whole lot brighter when this cheerful gift arrives filled with delicious treats and a fun Sudoku games book to help pass the time.
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Soups On, Get Well Gift Basket Soups On, Get Well Gift Basket
Let them know you're thinking about them with this Soup-er, fantastic pick-me-up gift basket filled with heartfelt wishes and delicious snacks. A perfect gift.
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Nurses are Angels, Thank You Gift Nurses are Angels, Thank You Gift
A beautiful gift trunk designed especially for nursing professionals. Show your appreciation by saying thank you to a hardworking nurse on your gift list.
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Fireside Pick-Me-Up Soup Basket Fireside Pick-Me-Up Soup Basket
A handsome gift basket filled with soup, cookies, candy, tea, cheese and delicious treats. Perfect get well gift, thinking of you or to chase away the chills.
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Feel Better Soon, Get Well Basket Feel Better Soon, Get Well Basket
$84.00 $78.00 Sale
A perfect get well recovery gift basket filled with get well gifts for anyone who is sick, feeling under the weather or recovering from an injury.
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Relaxing Lavender Palmarosa Therapy Spa Therapy, Gift Basket For Women
A lovely gift basket for women, enhanced by floral accents and designer ribbons, is blooming with luxurious spa gifts and delicious treats.
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Puppy Love Puppy Love
It's pure puppy love when kids receive this gift filled with a an adorable plush puppy plus an activity book and set of crayons or colored pencils based on the child's age. Select age range at checkout.
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Touch of Comfort Sympathy Basket Touch of Comfort Sympathy Basket
A comforting gift basket that features Flowers That Never Fade a touching book written especially for coping with difficult times.
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Bed Rest Get Well Gift Basket Bed Rest Get Well Gift Basket
The ultimate boredom busting get well gift. Includes three bestselling books of your choice and a variety of puzzles and games.
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Flowers Same Day Delivery same-day-flower-delivery

Send flowers, plants, roses, fruit and last minute gifts. Choose from a huge collection of last minute, hand-delivered gifts for delivery the same day. Find beautiful gift ideas sure way to brighten anyone's day.

Fruit Baskets Delivered Same Day Same-day-fruit-basket-delivery

Great last minute gift ideas including fresh fruit and wine baskets, fruit baskets, gourmet food, snacks, gifts and more. Choose from a huge collection of hand-delivered gifts for delivery the same day.

Kids Get Well Gifts For Children

gift-baskets-for-kidsGet well gift ideas for sick children. Kids get well soon gift baskets, comfort gifts, boredom busters, care packages, stuffed toys, story books and activities for a sick child.

How to Write a Get Well Soon Message

The writing of a get well soon message is a time-honored tradition practiced when someone is sick. Not only does it provide encouragement from the one facing the illness, but it also gives the sender an opportunity to express personal thoughts and feelings.

Knowing what to write, though, can be a challenge. Much depends on the nature and severity of the illness. You do not want to be morbid or overly dramatic, nor do you want to be insensitive to the situation. While humor is permissible, it must be appropriate.

In considering sending a get well soon message whether to a relative, friend, neighbor, or coworker begin by deciding on a format. Will you write a full letter or will you send a card? If you will send a card, choose one that reflects your feelings. There are plenty of beautifully scripted cards as well as lighthearted cards available from retailers.

If you do send a card, though, a personal note would be appreciated and add extra meaning. You can write your note inside the card itself or on a separate sheet to be inserted in the card.

Alternatively, if you plan to compose a letter, use a good-quality letterhead or notepaper with a matching envelope. Steer clear of using just a plain sheet of loose leaf or notepads with crude or unsuitable designs.

In most cases, a simple message that avoids the deals of the illness or injury is best. As an example of a message that can be used in a variety of situations, consider this: I heard about your illness/injury. I just want to let you know I'll be thinking of you during your recovery. Get well soon!

That classic phrase, thinking of you, may be a cliché but it still carries meaning. It can be encouraging for the person to know your thoughts are with him or her, especially when a terminal illness renders it insensitive and improper to say get well soon.

In the event that you live nearby and have a close relationship, you may wish to add an offer to help out in whatever way is necessary. You can express your offer this way: Until you get back on your feet, I'm available to help out around the house. Just let me know what you need. Even if your offer is not taken advantage of, it will be appreciated.

If you are a person of faith, and as long as your friend is not anti-religious, a statement like I'm praying for you is usually well received. If the person would be offended by such a statement, though, it would be better to leave it out.

When you can close the message, use a phrase such as Your friend, With love, or Sincerely, whichever is most appropriate for your relationship. Then sign your name.

If you would like, you can include your card or letter with a gift. A small token may be included in the envelope. Alternatively, the envelope may be attached to a larger gift such as a bouquet of flowers.

A personalized card or letter to convey your well wishes can have a more powerful impact than just sending an email. It is a signal that you really do care and that your get well wishes are sincere.

Send one of our beautiful get well gift baskets or a healthy fruit basket with free home delivery. Get well baskets are wonderful get well gift ideas for wishing someone a speedy recovery. Your get well gift includes a free gift card with your get well personal message.

Popular Get Well Gift Ideas

Perfect get well gifts are remembered forever in the recipients heart. Your get well gift reflects your message of well wishes, care and concern.

Popular get well gift ideas include your warm message, get well gift baskets containing doctor theme gift items, pretty breakfast in bed gift trays filled with coffee, pancakes and breakfast food, baskets filled with heart healthy foods, pampering bath and body gifts, spa baskets, teddy bear get well hugs, comedy albums, book gifts for readers and humorous doctor theme gifts.

Get well gift ideas with personality always bring a big smile. Our "Hang In There" get well care package, filled with a variety of different get well wishes and theme items, is a popular gift that is always well received.

Whatever your get well gift, your greatest gift will always be your thoughtfulness and expressions of love and care.

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