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Baby Gift Baskets For Saying What's On Your Heart

  • brown-bear-baby-gift-set-3
    Brown Bear Baby Gift Set$45.00
    Brown Bear beloved children's story with plush teddy bear is perfect for newborn babies or toddlers. Includes 14" brown bear plush animal.
  • puppy-gift-kids.jpg
    Puppy Love$45.00
    It's pure puppy love when kids receive this fun gift filled with this adorable plush puppy and a variety of activity gifts based on the child's age.
  • good-night-gorilla-board-book-gift-set
    Good Night Gorilla Story Book Gift Set$49.00
    This beloved storybook gift set filled with giggles is perfect for sharing with little ones. Includes an adorable soft plush gorilla companion.
  • Sleepy-Time.jpg
    Good Nights Baby Gift Box$49.99
    Wish them well with our Good Nights Baby Gift Box filled with baby gifts and a soft fleece blanket just right for bedtime snuggles.
  • welcome-baby-box
    Welcome Baby Gift Box$59.00
    A wonderful way to start baby's first library with board books to enjoy and grow into. Includes Peek a boo touch and feel board book and more.
  • OH-Baby-997.jpg
    Oh, Sweet Baby! Gift Basket$59.00
    Surprise the mom and her new baby with this precious new baby gift basket filled with gifts. Available in pink for baby girl or blue for baby boy.
  • bunny-books-for-baby
    Some Bunny Loves You $59.95
    An adorable bunny themed baby book gift basket includes popular bunny books plus a sweet plush bunny friend for baby to cuddle with.
  • baby-sweet-dreams.jpg
    Sweet Dreams, Baby Gift Basket$68.50

    Sweet is the word to describe this dreamy new baby gift basket filled with a wonderful collection of delightful baby gifts! Available in pink or blue.

  • all-boy-baby-gift-basket-3
    All Boy Baby Gift Basket$69.00
    Better than puppy dog tails our All Boy Baby Gift Basket is the perfect way to welcome a new baby boy to the world with plenty of joyful noise!
  • puppy-love-baby-books
    Puppy Love Baby Books Gift Box$69.00
    Share the joy of reading with baby as they explore the world of puppies. Sing song verse and delightful illustrations for both parent and baby.
  • baby-girl-gift-basket-3
    It's A Girl Baby Gift Basket$69.95
    Sugar and Spice and everything nice that's what our It's A Girl Baby Gift Basket is made of. A parade of gifts to celebrate the new princess.
  • elephants-everywhere-baby-gift-box-3.jpg
    Elephants Everywhere Baby Gift$76.00
    Elephants are beloved animals and this baby gift set of wiggle waggle board books and plush elephant makes for an adorable baby gift.
  • Baby-Boy-Gift-Basket-Gift.jpg
    New Baby Boy Basket$79.00
    Send congratulations and best wishes to the new baby and parents. Includes baby gifts plus tasty snacks for the new parents.
  • new-baby-girl-gift-basket-g.jpg
    New Baby Girl Basket$79.00
    Send congratulations and best wishes to the new baby girl and parents. Includes baby gifts plus tasty snacks for the new parents.
  • new-baby-arrival.jpg
    New Arrival, Baby Gift Basket$79.00
    This beautiful baby gift basket arrives adorned with life like floral and includes baby gifts, keepsakes plus special treats for Mom and Dad.
  • busy-baby-gift.jpg
    Busy Baby Gift Box$79.99
    Interactive board books are a wonderful gift to start new baby's first library. Let's get started with Sophie the Giraffe board books for baby.
  • boy-baby.jpg
    Precious Prince, Baby Boy Gift Basket$86.00
    Our adorable baby boy gift basket is a wonderful way to say Congratulations to the proud new parents on the birth of their precious baby boy!
  • baby-girl.jpg
    Precious Princess, Baby Gift Basket $86.00
    Our adorable baby girl gift basket is a wonderful way to say Congratulations to the proud new parents on the birth of their precious baby girl!
  • noahs-ark
    Noah's Ark Baby Gift$89.00
    Noah's Ark and baby animals is the perfect book combination to celebrate baby's first birthday gift, a christening gift or a newborn baby gift.
  • mommy.jpg
    Mommy & Me, Baby Gift Basket$90.00
    Send the new mom a beautiful baby basket to show you share the excitement of her newborn baby! Available in pink or blue and two sizes.
  • hugs-and-kisses-baby-gift-basket.jpg
    Hugs and Kisses Gift Basket$94.00
    Gift basket includes touch and feel board books plus enchanting first word picture books full of warm hugs and kisses for babies and toddlers.
  • baby-boy-507
    Welcome Home Baby Boy And Mom$94.00
    This large baby boy gift basket will deliver smiles. Perfect for a baby shower or a wonderful way to welcome mom and her new little boy home.
  • baby-girl-505
    Welcome Home Baby Girl And Mom$94.00
    This large baby girl gift basket will deliver smiles. Perfect for a baby shower or a wonderful way to welcome mom and her new little girl home.
  • bella-baby-girl.jpg
    Bella Baby Girl$104.00
    Featuring an ultra-fabulous collection of adorable gifts for the new baby girl and well-deserved pampering spa items for the new mom.
  • baby-special-delivery
    Special Delivery Baby Gift Basket$105.00
    An assortment of adorable baby gifts arrive in a bassinet shaped gift basket adorned with beautiful silk flowers and flowing ribbons.
  • 5-little-monkeys-baby-books
    5 Little Monkeys Baby Books Gift Box$109.00
    Five Little Monkeys comes to life in this baby books gift set. Includes plush 14" brown monkey for sharing hugs while reading.
  • baby-bundle.jpg
    Bundle of Joy Baby Gift Set$109.00
    Bundle of Joy Gift Set as a small token of your good wishes on the birth of a new baby. Filled with gifts and books of sayings and quotes.
  • baby-celebration
    Sweet Celebration, New Baby Gift Basket $109.00Sale $97.00
    Celebrate the new arrival with this sweet new baby gift basket filled with gifts for baby and parents. Available in pink or blue.
  • sleep-baby-sleep-gift-box-3
    Sleep Baby Sleep Gift Box$109.00
    Give the gift of reading at bedtime. Snuggle up at the end of the day and all of the animals get ready for bed. Adorable plush monkey too!
  • roar-baby-roar-gift-box-3
    Roar, Baby Roar Gift Box$109.00
    Roar, Baby Roar Gift Box invites baby to make some noise, hopefully giggles and squeals! Adorable push lion friend the perfect companion.
  • g-baby-congratulations.jpg
    Congratulations on Your New Baby$109.00
    Surprise and congratulate the proud new parents on the arrival of their precious new baby with this handsome wooden keepsake gift trunk.
  • bundle.jpg
    Bundle of Joy, Newborn Baby Gift Basket$109.95Sale $98.50
    Send this adorable new baby gift basket, filled with wonderful baby gifts, to welcome the new arrival and congratulate the new parents.
  • beary-special-baby.jpg
    Beary Special Baby Gift Box$109.99
    Perfect new baby gift or first birthday gift for baby. Corduroy the Bear and interactive board books is a wonderful gift for baby to grow up with.
  • g-bare-baby.jpg
    Bear Necessities, Baby Gift Basket $117.00
    A charming collection of new baby gifts including a unique Baby Sign Language kit, keepsakes and yummy treats for the proud parents.
  • babys-first-gift.gif
    Baby's First, New Baby Gift Basket$125.00
    You won't find anything cuter than this new baby gift basket filled with keepsakes such as baby footprint and baby handprint kits.
  • safari-baby-baskets
    Safari Surprise Baby Gift Basket$129.00
    Welcome baby with this adorable new baby gift arrangement filled with unique gifts for baby plus delicious goodies for Mom and Dad.
  • tutu-cute.jpg
    Too Tutu Cute, Ballerina Girl Basket$132.00Sale $125.00
    Tutu TOO cute is right! This adorable baby girl gift basket arrives filled with gifts for the new baby girl, keepsakes, treasures and special gifts.
  • g-baby-first.jpg
    First Moments, New Baby Gift Basket$133.00
    Deliver your good wishes to the newborn and new parents with this large baby basket, available in pink or blue, filled with loving gifts and keepsakes.
  • safari-themed-baby-gift-bas
    Safari Baby Themed Gift Box$135.00

    Bring the animals of the jungle to baby's world.   Elephant wiggle waggles board books plus an adorable 16" plush elephant friend as perfect companion.

  • wild-about-baby
    Wild About Baby Gift Basket$135.00
    You'll be wild about this creative baby gift with wonderful books for infants and toddlers. Includes plush giraffe friend for baby to love.
  • g-baby-fifth-avenue.jpg
    Fifth Avenue Baby Gift Basket$143.75
    Upscale, elegant baby gift basket for expecting parents, new mom, baby shower gift or to show that you share the excitement of their new baby!
  • cow-gift-basket.jpg
    And The Cow Says.., Baby Girl Gift Basket$145.00
    Send this baby girl gift basket with adorable cow themed gift items. This one-of-a-kind baby girl gift basket is just so incredibly adorable.
  • baby-shower-books.jpg
    Baby Shower Gift Basket of Books$159.00
    A unique baby gift basket filled with popular baby books and a 20" teddy bear. Perfect for new baby gift, baby shower gift or group gift.
  • boy-baby-gift.jpg
    Deluxe Baby Boy (or Girl) Gift Trunk$175.00
    Congratulate them on the birth of their precious new baby with this large gift trunk filled with presents for baby and the happy family.
  • nemo-basket
    Nemo And Friends Gift Basket$186.00
    The cutest baby gift basket ever! An adorable collection of Nemo & Squirt Disney gifts plus a collection of delicious sweets for mom and dad.
  • baby-basket-cuddle-zoo.jpg
    Cuddle Zoo, New Baby Gift Basket$203.00Sale $180.00
    This deluxe baby basket includes high quality baby gifts including ultra plush, stuffed toys and the I'll Love You Forever classic hardcover book.
  • pampered-baby-princess.jpg
    Luxury Pampered Baby Basket$285.00Sale $275.00

    A luxury baby gift basket featuring a huge selection of adorable baby gifts plus gifts for new mom and dad. Baby Girl or Boy color theme available.

Send baby gifts to welcome the new arrival. Let's face it, new babies make everything a little softer, a little sweeter and a lot more loving. Find adorable baby shower gifts, new baby gift ideas and presents for a baby girl, baby boy, triplet's, twins and don't forget the new mom.

Best Baby Shower Poems

Sweet, funny, loving baby poems to welcome the new arrival and honor the birth mother or mother to be.

Baby poems and baby shower poems can express any sentiment. Whether sweet, funny, or loving, poems are an ideal way to say what's on your heart. And if you need some help with what to say, online you can find everything you're looking for having to do with poems and baby shower poems.

Anyone can write a baby poem, and everyone enjoys reading them, young and old. Poems are wonderful to include on baby shower invitations or birth announcements. Baby shower poems can have rhythm and rhyme, but they certainly don't have to.

Poems can be either long or short, but short is probably best for your typical baby shower needs. Poems can be sentimental, sappy or sweet. Poems can be original and creative or standard and more traditional. Don't hesitate to add a little humor as well!

Either way, all baby shower poems are appropriate for welcoming the newborn and honoring the birth mother or mother to be.

The people who are most often touched by poems are those who have had children themselves. Sweet poems can remind them of the time when their little ones were still young.

No one will appreciate them more than the family members themselves. If you are a creative writer or have a special talent for putting words together in a special way, then you should try writing your own baby shower poems. This would make a great gift idea as well.

If you really like the poem you've written, it can be framed and displayed as a wonderful memento or keepsake. Years later when the baby has grown, think of how special they will feel knowing the words that were written were just for them.

Sample Poems

Baby Shower:

Special people all around

Love and happiness abound

Babies, presents, cake, flower

Thank you for the baby shower

Thanks for all the work you've done

To welcome our new precious son

Baby Poem:

Teeny, tiny little toes

Small and round little nose

A precious gift from heaven above

My sweet baby that I love

We've longed to see you face to face

And we've prepared a special place

Just for you, our baby
If you are not the creative type don't worry! There are lots of places that you can look online for poems to say just the thing you want to say.

Poems have been written on all subjects throughout the ages, and baby poems and baby shower poems are no exception. A quick search online doesn't have to take any time at all.

But if you decide to write your own baby poems, even common things can inspire you. Inspiration can be found anywhere. Look to your own memories from the past. What was special about your childhood?

What special object have you treasured over the years? What words of wisdom or advice could you pass on to the next generation? Look around the house and imagine a baby being there. What do you see, hear, or feel?

Let those thoughts be the source of your best baby poems. You do not have to write like Shakespeare, you just have to be sincere.

There are also poems for saying thank you to the guests for coming to the shower, and thanking them for the gifts they may have given.

Common baby poem themes are often safety, peace, love and happiness. When a baby is born, it is a time to reflect on the meaning of life and what is really important in life. Whether you are religious or not, baby poems can be written as simple prayers or encouragement.

Who hasn't heard the famous lines Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep? Baby poems have been the source of many needlepoint crafts and have been given as cherished baby gifts and will continue to be for years to come. Why not add baby shower poems or baby poems to your next newborn celebration?