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Easter Basket Delivery

Easter Gift Baskets, Easter Bunny Baskets

flower delivery Send Easter Baskets by Mail to children, adults, friends and family. Buy Easter gift baskets online for kids of all ages filled with Easter candy, chocolate Easter bunnies, toys and Easter treats.

At Adorable Gift Baskets you're sure to find fun Easter gift basket ideas to delight any child, grandchildren, family member or friend.

Whether sending a family Easter gift basket, a chocolate bunny basket or an Easter celebration basket for a party of one you are sure to find great gift baskets to fit your budget and every gift-giving need at Adorable Gift Baskets.

  • easter-goodoe-box.jpg
    Easter Goodies Gift Box$44.00
    Send Easter greeting with this Easter gift of delicious sweet treats. A beautifully simple yet elegant Easter gift that's sure to leave an impression on the heart of the fortunate recipient.
  • Easter-Chick-Basket
    Easter Duckie Gift Basket$46.95

    Start your own Easter tradition with this basket filled with Easter delights: fruit flavored Tootsie Rolls, Laffy Taffy, jelly beans, Sweet Tarts, Dum Dums lollipops, Sour Punch Twists and Fun Dip. A huggable baby duck resides over this sweet collection. He'll make the kids smile long after this Easter basket has been enjoyed.
  • birdhouse.jpg
    Birdhouse Gift Basket$55.00
    No matter the occasion this beautiful birdhouse planter filled with yummy treats and topped with silk flowers will hit the mark.
  • spirit-easter.jpg
    In The Spirit Of Easter$58.00
    They will love this planter filled with delicious and meaningful Easter goodies. This gift is a very special way to let them know that they are in your hearts this Easter!
  • Easter-Chocolates-Cookies-C
    Easter Cookies, Chocolate and Candy Box$59.95

    This unique Easter gift box is filled with four buttery Easter eggs, carrot, bunny and chick honey vanilla cookies, hand-iced with sweet pastel frosting. A selection of Godiva truffles including milk chocolate, creme brulee, chocolate lava cake and dark chocolate, jelly beans, chocolate hazelnut Pirouline wafers and candy coated pretzels completes this festive Easter gift assortment. Order an extra box for your own Easter celebration.
  • planter
    Garden Party Gift Basket$59.95
    Our cheerful watering can planter filled with glittery butterflies, flowers, tasty snacks and sweets makes a wonderful gift for any occasion.
  • sweet-surprise-bunny-girl
    Sweet Easter Surprise$59.95

    From little ones to their parents, this adorable Easter gift basket will appeal to all! Gift includes a wooden picnic style gift chest filled with popular Easter sweets plus a super-soft plush bunny from the world famous Bearington Collection of gifts! Available in either Sweet Bitsy B. for girls or Sweet Buddy B. for boys.

  • easter-fun-hat
    Little Girls Fun Easter Hat Basket$66.95
    Little girls just wanna have fun and fun she shall have, when she receives this adorable gift basket made just for her! This darling little girl Easter basket is perfect for daughters, granddaughters, nieces and little girl friends. She will love this pretty spring hat filled with fun gifts, delicious goodies and Easter treats tucked inside!
  • bunny-hat
    Bunny Fun, Easter Gift Basket$69.95

    This fun filled Easter basket for kids is surely the way to put a smile on the face of a child - and get their motor running on sweets. Imagine their delight when they get this colorful Easter gift arrangement. A cute bonnet planter is filled with a super soft bunny and a basket full of yummy sweets!  This gift basket is fun for kids of all ages!

  • cowboys_and_rabbits.jpg
    YeeHaw!, Cowboy Gift Basket$69.95
    A cowboy themed basket that is perfect for any little buckaroo. It features a collection of delicious sweets, fun cowboy gifts, treats and other good stuff.
  • butterfly-ballerina
    Butterfly Ballerina Easter Basket$75.00

    This charming little girl gift basket is just as sweet as can be! She will be dancing for joy when she receives this very special gift basket that includes a set of treasure boxes filled with a precious ballerina bunny, a very special story book, ballerina jewelry and a selection of special Easter treats for her to enjoy! It is absolutely adorable!
  • angels
    Angels Among Us, Gift Basket $76.00
    "Some People, Like Angels, Leave a Hint of Heaven Wherever They Go" a wonderful book of quotes, and lighthearted stories. Show her that you appreciate the wonderful women in your life.
  • ballerina-easter-bunny
    Ballerina Easter Bunny Gift Basket$77.95

    Send this adorable Easter gift basket to steal their hearts and the show. A plush Easter bunny arrives in a beautiful white washed Easter basket filled with generous assorted delicious Easter Candy, a yummy Chocolate Bunny, and festive Easter enhancements!

  • happy-easter-baby
    Happy Easter!, Easter Gift Basket$78.00

    Wish them a happy Easter with this popular Easter basket filled with a large assortment of delicious Easter treats. What a tasteful way to send your Easter greetings! Our vibrant, festive, springtime Easter gift basket is the perfect gift to bring a smile this Easter. A great Easter gift for any special child, the whole family or one very fortunate individual.
  • risen.jpg
    Jesus Lives, Easter Gift Basket$79.00
    This glorious and inspirational gift basket makes a fantastic gift for for Christians to celebrate the spirit of Easter. It is stunning Easter presentation.
  • ducks
    Quacking Duckies Easter Basket$79.95

    They will quack up when they receive this beautiful Easter gift basket featuring the cutest little ducklings that start quacking when you squeeze them. This gift also features an Easter book, colorful pinwheel, chocolates, bunnies, peeps, Easter candy and a host of delicious treats for them to enjoy!

  • Sunny-Bunny
    Sunny Bunny Easter Basket$80.50

    "Sunny Bunny" awaits a special child this hippity hoppity Easter. Basket includes an array of Easter candy, yummy chocolate bars and fudge, an Easter holiday book, cookies, tasty snacks, fun games, stickers and tons of Springtime fun.
  • easter_classic_1.jpg
    Easter Classic, Easter Gift Basket$88.00
    The perfect Easter gift choice for families or the big kids on your list! Brighten their Easter with this large collection of gourmet goodies.
  • family-fun-Easter
    Family Fun Easter Basket$89.95

    This cheerful and colorful gift basket makes the perfect Easter gift for the whole family. With lots of goodies and gifts, including festive music and/or movies, they will have a fun Easter indeed! Includes Bunny Snack Mix, Chocolate Bunny, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate covered Pretzels, Pecan Log, choice between the DVD: Mother Goose Treasury or a CD: Easter Favorites and more.
  • g-jubilation.jpg
    Jubilation! Gift Basket$92.00
    This gift basket creation is truly one of our most eye-catching designs. Savory snacks and colorful enhancements make it a delicious, cheerful, uplifting gift.
  • Easter-bless
    Easter Blessings, Easter Gift Basket$94.00


    A very special way to celebrate the spirit of Easter. Send this lovely Easter basket to let them know that they are in your hearts!

  • easter_princess_basket.jpg
    Pretty Little Princess, Easter Basket$96.00
    Send this adorable Easter basket for little girls to any little princess on the Easter Bunny's list. Filled with treats, toys and Princess gifts!
  • easter-princess.jpg
    Little Princess Easter Gift Basket$97.00

    A huge hit this Easter!  This deluxe Princess gift basket for little girls is just what you were looking for to make sure she is treated like royalty this Easter. She will have a royal good time when this enchanted Easter gift basket arrives filled with a bountiful array of treasures, goodies, gifts and delicious sweet treats.
  • easter_bunny_games.jpg
    Easter Toys for Girls and Boys$98.00

    They will have a hoppin' good time with this large Easter gift basket piled high with games, toys, gifts and goodies galore! Available in Pink, Blue, Yellow, or Purple.

  • g-easter-bunny-loves-you.jpg
    Some Easter Bunny Loves You$98.00

    Let some bunny know that you love them by sending this incredibly cute plush Easter Bunny gift bag overflowing with a huge selection of Easter goodies. Available in Pink or Blue.

  • G-Easter-Parade.jpg
    Easter Parade Easter Gift Basket$102.00
    Easter basket filled with Easter bunny, Chocolate Dipped, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Sugar and Cream Puff Cookies, Chocolate Bunny, Fudge Nut Clusters, gourmet Chocolates and Frosted Pretzels.
  • christian-gift
    The Christian Heart Gift Basket$105.00
    Our inspirational gift basket filled with gourmet food and Christian gifts creates a meaningful gift for any occasion.
  • big-hugs-kids-gift-basket
    Big Bear Hugs for Kids$109.00
    Send hugs across the miles with fun activities for kids based on the child's age. Why send children junk food when you can send brain builders!
  • easter_party_pail.jpg
    Deluxe Easter Party Galore$119.00
    This large Easter basket for kids is loaded with fun, tasty treats and toys. A bright and cheerful Easter pail piled high with gifts and goodies!
  • giggles-for-kids
    Grins and Giggles, Gift Basket For Kids$125.00Sale $109.00
    Children go wild when this large gift basket for kids arrives filled with plush puppy, activities, games, treats, sweets, stickers, pens and more fun gifts!
  • cottontail
    Deluxe Cottontail Easter Basket$130.00

    "Wow!"¨ is the word that comes to mind when you first see this over sized, absolutely adorable, Easter basket close up. It is just gorgeous! Available in pink or blue and in 3 sizes to fit every budget. All are stunning and filled with a wonderful mix of Easter treats and gifts for them to enjoy.
  • easter_chocolate_some_bunny
    Deluxe Chocolate Easter Bunny Basket$132.00

    This is a very special Easter gift basket that the kids will be excited to receive! It's big, it's beautiful, and it's loaded with gourmet treats that any child is sure to love. The Easter Bunny may be tempted to keep for himself because it's packed full of so many wonderful gifts and incredibly delicious goodies!
  • easter-morning-breakfast-ba
    Easter Deluxe Breakfast Basket$134.00
    Capture a special place the hearts this Easter with this fabulous Easter morning gourmet food breakfast basket delivered right to their doorstep!
  • cheerful-Easter
    Deluxe Easter Cheer Basket$158.00

    A cheerful, over sized Easter basket just blooming with a delectable variety of gourmet Easter snacks, savory sweets plus fun and festive Easter gifts. This surefire way to grow smiles on the faces of your loved ones includes "Easter Fun" puzzles, games, stickers and crafts. Plus Chocolate Easter Bunnies, "Peeps", Easter Candy, Cookies, Chocolate Pretzels, Chocolate covered Potato Chips, Caramel Candy and more.
  • ultimate-chrildren-kids-bas
    Angus The Horse Kids Basket$159.00

    Kids of all ages will love this deluxe size gift basket for children overflowing with activities, books, gifts and all sorts of "kid-favorite" goodies plus the beautiful Disney horse that will surly be their new forever friend. It is a can’t miss, perfect gift choice for any child on your gift list. Great kids gift idea for birthday, get well, Easter, or just about any occasion!

  • easter-activity-basket
    Easter Activity Gift Basket$162.00

    This deluxe Easter basket is loaded with enough activities and Easter candy to keep any child or grandchild quite content. Makes the perfect Easter gift basket for any child on your list.  It has it all.. games, stickers, books, candy, gifts, treats, toys, and a whole lot of style!  This is a gift the whole family will enjoy!  It is sure to be a big hit this Easter!
  • eggstra
    Egg-stra Special Over-Sized Easter Basket$165.00

    An extravagant Easter gift basket piled high scrumptious gourmet Easter goodies, adorned with festive ribbon and silk flowers for a truly magnificent presentation. This is a magnificent, over-sized Easter greeting that won't be soon forgotten.

  • bunny-patches
    Bunny Patch Easter Basket$179.00

    These Bearington Bear Bunnies are the most adorable bunnies available anywhere. This Easter basket is going to be appreciated by anyone fortunate enough to receive it. This one-of-a-kind Easter gift arrangement offers two large and incredibly sweet, plush bunny rabbits from the world famous Bearington Collection plus an assortment of fine gourmet gifts and sweet treats! A wonderful Easter gift for anyone.
  • easter-trunk
    Deluxe Christian Easter Basket$226.00

    A gorgeous one-of-a-kind Christian Easter basket features a high-end gift trunk filled with an inspirational Easter candle-holder and a treasure trove of delicious goodies for them to enjoy! This stunning basket arrives trimmed with designer ribbon and beautiful flowers making a lovely Easter gift for grandparents, parents, friends and family on your gift list.

Easter Baskets Delivered

Send chocolate Easter gift baskets and Easter gifts to children by mail with free shipping. Buy Easter gift baskets for kids including Easter candy baskets, Easter bunnies and toys. Find Easter gift ideas to delight any child, grandchildren, family member or friend.

The Origins of Easter

Easter is the most significant day in the Christian calendar, and is celebrated in many different ways with a variety of customs and traditions. People may be surprised to discover that some of these observances actually predate Christianity, and were originally intended to celebrate the arrival of spring.

The History of Easter

Historians tell us that the holiday was named for Eostre, the ancient Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring. The month we now call April was named after her, and the Christian holiday that was observed around that time became known as ¤EasterË in English-speaking countries. During the second century A.D., missionaries who sought to convert the tribes living in northern Europe discovered that the holiday commemorating Jesus╠ resurrection seemed to dovetail with the yearly Teutonic celebrations, which also stressed the renewal of life.

Easter Eggs

The egg has symbolized fertility and new life since the dawn of history. The Romans, Egyptians, and Persians█along with other ancient societies█used eggs in the celebration of their spring festivals. In the Middle Ages, Christians were not allowed to eat eggs during the penitential season of Lent, and the eggs that were preserved during those 40 days became an essential part of the Easter meal. They also became a gift that was prized by both servants and children.

Greek Orthodox Christians painted their eggs a bright red, symbolizing the blood Christ shed on Good Friday. In Armenia, eggs were drained of their contents and decorated with various religious figures, while Germans hung them on trees and gave green eggs as gifts on Holy Thursday. Austrians covered them with tiny plants before boiling them, which created a white pattern when they were removed. In Ukraine and Poland, the traditions were particularly elaborate, and people often painted their eggs gold and silver. A ¤pysankyË egg involved the careful application of wax patterns on an egg. After the egg was dyed, wax was reapplied to preserve the original color, and the process was repeated█resulting in a multi-color patterned or striped egg.

Today, coloring Easter eggs is a longstanding tradition, and they are usually painted, dyed, or decorated, in any number of ways. Over the years, they became part of various holiday games, and parents hid eggs for the children╠s Easter egg hunt. Egg-rolling contests were also held, including the one on the White House lawn that is featured in the news each year.

Easter Bunnies

The rabbit has also long been regarded as a symbol of fertility. In Germany, children were told stories about an ¤Easter hareË that would lay eggs for them to find. When Germans immigrated to the United States, they continued the tradition, began baking Easter cakes in the shape of rabbits, and may have originated the idea of making chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies.

Easter Outfits and Parades

When they were baptized, the early Christians wore white robes throughout Easter week as a sign of the new life they had begun. Those who were already baptized did the same as a symbol of the life they shared with their Savior. Robed in white, Christians would take a stroll after participating in the Easter Mass. Someone carrying either the Easter candle or a crucifix led the procession. This has evolved into our modern Easter parade, where people wear their Easter finery and the Easter bonnet is celebrated in song.

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